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cards against humanity

A Digital translation


This is an exploration at replicating the game for a mobile device - considering the opportunities for the same, and just giving it a Paperless, more convenient and accessible experience...


*There is no profit of any sort tied to this, it’s purely don't come suing me

User Stats

Here were the top 3 reasons why New gamers and Existing gamers started playing mobile games:

Group 65.png

1. Relieving stress

2. Passing time

70% of people spent the most time on their phones as compared to other devices since the start of COVID - 19

3. Feeling accomplished

What are we looking at?


20-30 yrs


Social gatherings


Humour, savagery, interaction


card deck

User Scenario 1: Maya

Maya just finished 2 scrum meetings and has a 30 min. gap before the next meeting begins. Its still way before lunchtime, so she goes grabs a coffee. She doesn’t want to interact with more work crowd, because she’s been speaking a lot through the meetings. She wants a little humor to palate the corporate jargon coming up next. Opens Instagram but her feed is too populated with ads, food, and rescue animals.

Table Tennis

User Scenario 2: Mithun

Mithun and his college friends are quite close (they all used to stay in the same house and really grew together.) Now they’re all seperated and spread out across the country and they can’t really meet up, due to the current situation. When they decide to video call frequently, there is a lot of nostalgic talk, with silly jokes, intersparsed with awkward silences

Video Chat

you’re bored


need some quick funny content for laughs



Open the app


go through a few white cards


Minimum Viable Product

  • A pack of 200 white cards and 75 white cards is credited on sign up (use social sign-ups), and have another set of 50 white cards and 15 black cards if they play at least once a week

  • Gameplay needs to be quick, easy accesible. for this purpose the primary function being to select a white card for the black

  • Each player is dealt 5 cards, per round after completion 5 more are dealt.. so on till they feel like calling quits

  • Every player gets to replace 1 white card every round that he feels may not be valuable

  • Their total number of points get added to a leaderboard.

Engagement tools

Customization and personalisation

  • Card skins

  • Fonts

  • Voice modules to announce the winner

  • Avatars

  • Animations

  • Limited editions

  • Using a randomizing engine building custom decks

Game modes

Different playing criterias

1. Quick play - A single player/duo/trio who just wants to play the game fast, quick and easy.

2. Custom mode (join or create) - A closed/open group of 3 or more who have made up their mind about playing. This has a good amount of customization to it along with an option to have voice calling, choose the deck...etc


Low fidelity

Android Small - 3.png
Android Small - 2.png

Final Mock up

High fidelity



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