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Customizable NFT merchandise - for purchase

Design Brief

To create a web page segment within an existing NFT marketplace that enables users to order customized sweatshirts featuring their purchased NFT designs. The segment should seamlessly integrate with the marketplace's overall design and functionality, offering a user-friendly and visually appealing experience.

Target Audience: The primary target audience for this segment includes NFT collectors and enthusiasts who want to showcase their acquired digital art in a tangible form. Additionally, potential buyers interested in unique, personalized sweatshirts tied to exclusive NFT designs are also part of the target audience.

Key Objectives:

  1. Seamless Integration: Ensure the design segment smoothly integrates with the existing NFT marketplace platform, maintaining consistent branding and user experience.

  2. Customization Options: Offer users a range of customization options, allowing them to personalize their sweatshirt design based on their purchased NFT artwork. This may include positioning, scaling, and choosing different color combinations.

  3. Easy NFT Linkage: Implement a straightforward process for users to link their purchased NFTs to the sweatshirt customization tool, ensuring only authenticated NFT owners can access the feature.

  4. Visual Appeal: Create a visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing interface to encourage user interaction and excitement about the product.

Delivery time:  1 week

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