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Business account opening - quicker & easier


The aim of this project was to create a seamless and user-friendly experience for businesses interested in opening a current account and accessing an instant overdraft facility. By leveraging the website banking application, users could conveniently apply for a current account and request an instant overdraft online, eliminating the need to visit a physical branch.

Evaluating the ask

The projects displayed in this portfolio are presented with white labeling, exclusively highlighting the design process. The branding and artifacts serve a symbolic purpose.


Business Need

  1. Increase the number of current account openings and instant overdraft applications by providing a convenient online application process.

  2. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering a user-friendly and seamless account opening and instant overdraft application experience.

  3. Streamline the application process to improve operational efficiency and reduce manual intervention.

  4. Comply with financial regulations in India to ensure legal and regulatory adherence.

  5. Strengthen the Financial Institution's brand image by providing a secure and reliable digital platform for account openings and instant overdrafts.

User Need

  1. Convenient and accessible way to apply for a current account and instant overdraft without visiting a physical branch.

  2. User-friendly interface and intuitive design to make the application process easy to understand and navigate.

  3. Real-time validation checks to minimize errors and ensure accurate submission of information.

  4. Ability to upload and submit required documents electronically for faster processing.

  5. Transparent and clear information about the features, benefits, and requirements of the current account and instant overdraft.

  6. Efficient and timely feedback on the status of the application and approval process.

  • The goal was to provide users with a convenient way for companies to start a Current account with an instant overdraft for business needs .

  • Whilst complying with financial regulations in India.

Design Brief

Context: Design systems were already on place, for this particular webapp, hence visual overhaul or modification was not part of the ask.

Delivery time: 2 weeks for the first draft

User Persona

User Persona-05.jpg

Ravi's goals and challenges:

  • Easy Access to Financial Services: Ravi wants a hassle-free way to open a current account for his business and access an instant overdraft facility. He needs a solution that allows him to manage his business finances efficiently without spending too much time visiting a physical branch.

  • Seamless Application Process: Ravi is busy running his store and doesn't have a lot of time to spare. He needs a user-friendly and straightforward application process that doesn't require excessive paperwork or complicated procedures. He expects a smooth digital experience that allows him to complete the application quickly and easily.

  • Flexibility and Financial Support: As a small business owner, Ravi occasionally faces cash flow challenges. He wants an instant overdraft facility that provides him with quick access to funds when needed, ensuring he can manage unexpected expenses or stock up on inventory during peak seasons.

  • Security and Trust: Ravi values the security of his business and personal information. He seeks a trustworthy financial institution that follows strict security protocols and safeguards his data against any potential risks or breaches.

  • Timely Updates and Notifications: Ravi wants to stay informed about the progress of his account opening and instant overdraft application. He expects timely updates and notifications regarding the status of his application and approval process, ensuring he can plan his business activities accordingly.

User flows

  • Intelligent validation checks were implemented to minimize errors.

  • Real-time document uploading feature allowed secure submission of required documents.

  • The system integrated with the Financial Institution's back-end for efficient verification and assessment.

  • Automated workflows were used to expedite the evaluation process.

  • Emphasis was placed on security, reliability, and user experience.

Putting together the major touchpoints

1. Landing

2. Catalogue

3. Product details

4. Need analysis

5. Business details

6. Applicant Details

7. Documentation

8. Verification

9. Offer

10. Confirmation

Final User Flow

Mobile Flow



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