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Savings Account Online - faster and more efficient


This project was part of a website banking application (one of the products of a SAAS MNC) - built for a well known Financial Institution, to ensure users can bank without the need for physical interaction, while still adhering to the financial rules and regulations in India. As part of the services offered: Opening a savings account was primary amongst them - which is what this flow is about.

Evaluating the ask

The projects displayed in this portfolio are presented with white labeling, exclusively highlighting the design process. The branding and artifacts serve a symbolic purpose.

Business Need

To initiate the start of a digital relationship with the target majority:

  • By showcasing the benefits of banking with them

  • Obtaining as many data points on the initiated users for profiling them.



User Need

To create a Savings account with:

  • maximum benefits

  • lesser hassles of verification

  • as fast as possible

  • minimal effort

  • customization


 To bridge the gap between the bank and it's users via a seamless, simple to use interface, that is functional yet quick

Design Brief

Context: Design systems were already in place, for this particular webapp, hence visual overhaul or modification was not part of the ask.

Delivery time: 1 week for the first draft

User Personas

2 broad majorities

User Personas-01.jpg

User flows

Flow 1

Flow 2

Putting together the major touchpoints

1. Landing

2. User Verification

3. User Details

4. KYC Confirmation

5. Fund transfer

Final User Flow 1

Final User Flow 2



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