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Enhancing the smart fridge experience - with efficient stock keeping and food routines


The smart fridge application is an AI-powered solution that utilizes camera sensors to detect and recognize food items inside the fridge, plan meals based on user preferences and health goals, and integrate with the user's health application to provide customized diet plans.

The projects showcased in this portfolio are white labelled, solely showcasing the design process. The branding and artifacts are symbolic.

Product Requirements

  • Object detection: The smart fridge application must be able to recognize and detect food items inside the fridge accurately. The application should use computer vision and deep learning algorithms to identify the food items.

  • Meal planning: The application should be able to suggest meal plans based on the food items detected inside the fridge. The meal plans should be customizable based on the user's dietary preferences, allergies, and health goals.

  • Diet recommendations: The smart fridge application should integrate with the user's health application to provide diet recommendations based on their medical history and health goals.

  • Inventory tracking: The application should track the inventory of food items inside the fridge and provide alerts when items are running low or have expired.

  • Recipe recommendations: The application should suggest recipes based on the food items inside the fridge, dietary preferences, and cooking habits.

  • Shopping list: The application should generate a shopping list based on the meal plans and inventory tracking to help users shop efficiently and avoid wastage.

  • User interface: The application should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows users to interact with the smart fridge easily. The interface should display the inventory, meal plans, and recipe recommendations clearly.

User Personas and their Journies


Persona 1


Persona 2

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Persona 3




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